Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tamworth 2 - 1 Grimsby Town

Having missed the opener at Crawley this was our first visit to a 'proper non league ground'.

It was an eye opener.

The day started at half 8 in The Yarbough Hotel followed by a trip to Corals and then all ready for the half 9 train. Adidas Tabacco and Samba were the footwear on display in our cosy twosome. A three hour journey was punctuated with switches at Doncaster, Sheffield, and, Derby. Plenty of Blades making their way to Derby and horse racing fans heading to the St Leger Festival at Doncaster. Although one must say, the girls can put a posh frock and dress up but when you're necking out of a
cheap bottle of cider it shows your roots!

Tamworth station was the setting for Staffordshires finest in their lovely flourescent jackets, to be expected given the run around they got a few months previously. To thier credit though they allowed us to wander where we want but their was a presence in all the pubs in the town centre and near the ground.

Yates' was the bar of choice for the early Premiership game and a thoroughally enjoyable experience to witness a wedding party and Man Utd throw away a two goal lead in the 90th minute.

A short stroll to the ground via some subways that could be intimidating if Tamworth have any 'lads' out and about. Think Wolverhampton but with more trees.

The game itself was won by Tamworth have had some good results of late. We started poorly and found ourselves two down at the break. Alan Connell working as hard as ever pulled one back and rattled the crossbar but the elusive second goal never came. We were poor and played a tad better once Kempson had been sent off. The 600+ travelling Mariners deserved better. Non league football is hard and teams will be up for playing, and beating, us. Our time in this league could well be longer than any Town fan wishes. At least it was only £4 to get in.

A quick stop at Lidl's on the way back to the station allowed us to restock our alcohol levels for the return journey. A couple of Leicester lads on the way back from Coventry enjoyed our company, and lager.

A refueling excercise took place at Sheffield were more alcohol was purchased which made for lively journey home with some chaps who had been at Doncaster races.

All in all a cracking day out.

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