Monday, 26 July 2010

A casual golfer?

Some of you may be wondering what links there are between the terraces, the fairway, and, the pub - not just the 19th hole. Well let us tell you that many of the labels worn on the terraces have their origins on the golf course. Lyle and Scott, and, Pringle are two immediate labels but what about the golfing jacket by Burberry? Visit any designer golf website and you'll recognise a whole host of labels from Fila to J Lindeburg. Even Adidas got in the act and released some golfing Gazelles, although they are a bit naff.

I'm sure some of you shudder at the thought of 18 holes but you would be surprised at how many lads move from football to golf as they get older. It's a natural transition for those wanting male bonding on a Sunday morning who haven't got the legs for 90 minutes. In the 19th at certain golf clubs you'd be surprised to see what what some would call a 'football casual' look but how many have taken the look from the golf course onto the terrace?

All of us at 19sixtysix play a round now and again and we suggest you do too, if nothing else it gives you an excuse to get your Argyle Pringle sweater out of the wardrobe and buy some new stuff from the club house. At least you don't have to worry about having a brawl!

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