Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Gone for a Burton

Back in May the football league season finished.

Unfortunately, for us in Grimsby that was also our last football league game for a while. As one would expect with relegation confirmed following a three nil loss at the Pirelli Stadium it got a bit tasty - nothing too serious, bit of argy bargy with the Old Bill and a few advertising hoardings rearranged.

The local media here in Grimsby, as normal, over reacted and we were shown on Sky Sports News for a bit on the Saturday evening...and nothing.

Until a couple of weeks ago when Staffordshire Police decided it was time to pop up North an invite a few people to court. Nothing wrong with that as a few people "have done the crime so should do the time" but alas the punishments have been a bit heavy handed. This link shows the reaction to one fans particular ban.

We here at 19sixtysix do not condone violence and want football grounds to be safe environments, however, we do not want to see the authorities adopting anti terrorism laws or handing out ridiculous punishments.

Since when has been a football fan been a crime?

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