Monday, 19 July 2010


1966 was a great year for English football.

If you believe Nike and Manchester United fans it was great because Eric Cantona was born, here at 19sixtysix though we prefer to remember the year for England winning the Jules Rimet trophy. Other notable births that year were Tony Adams, Adam Sandler, and, David Cameron. Maybe it wasn't such a great year for England then.

We've taken our name from that great year, but it also represents the best hole at a golf club and the best round of golf anyone at 19sixtysix has ever had (exceptional round plus dodgy handicap). One of the lads also likes the numbers from some of his favourite footballers, 19 being that of former Grimsby forward and current Chester FC assistant manager, and, 6 for the late, great Bobby Moore. I'm sure between us we could find plenty more loose connections and we're sure you sat reading this can as well. One goofball mentioned some Norman invasion but he'd had one Timmy Taylor too many so we'll ignore that.

We're planning on bringing you a collection of articles generally focusing on football, golf, beer, and, a great chunk about what we've been wearing to do all three. We'll throw in the occasional review and hopefully manage some interviews with people that we'd like to talk to, although we suspect it'll be easier to get hold of the guys over at CasualCo than Diego Maradona or Frankie Boyle.

We haven't really thought about how often we'll update this but it'll be weekly at least so come back soon.



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